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Fishing tackle including Gulp Bait

The most popular sizes and styles, mostly shrimp and jerk shads, for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in Jefferson, Taylor and Wakulla counties can be found on our shelves. We are on the way to the coast for most of our south Georgia and North Florida fishermen.  Also check out our variety of hooks and other bait that you may need or have forgotten for your fishing trip.


We can save you a trip to Tallahassee for most of your PVC fittings and pipe. We carry 1/2" up to 2" PVC pipe and fittings. We also have galvanized fittings available up to 1 1/2".

Cattle Vaccination

We carry products by PfizerMerial, and more for all of your cattle vaccinating programs. We also have a variety of cattle dewormer such as Ivomec and Dectomax as well as some generic wormers.


If you are spraying pastures, fence lines or a row crop we have what you need to get the job done. We have a large selection of chemicals for commercial use as well as smaller containers for the homeowner.

Fencing and Construction Materials

We stock over 1000 fence post and over 10 different types of fence wire. Whether you would like to build a deck on your house, fence off that pasture for your horse or cows, or put a decorative board fence on your property, we have the supplies you need. If you need any assistance installing the fence we have names and numbers for that too. Come see us for your next fencing or construction job.

Sprayer Fittings

A large part of farming of any kind whether it be crops, cows or horses includes spraying unwanted weeds and pests. We carry a very large selection of sprayer parts and from the Hypro pump to the Banjo fittings and all the way out to the tips, we have what you need.


We have over 50 different types of ammunition in stock at all times from a 22lr to a 300 Win Mag. If we do not have what you are looking for then please give us a call and we should be able to get it for you in a day or so.

Our Products Include

Waukeenah Fertilizer​and Farm Supply, Inc.

Waukeenah Fertilizer and Farm Supply, Inc is a family owned and operated fertilizer plant and farm supply store just minutes from Monticello and Tallahassee. Most people know us for our fertilizer that is made right here at our own plant in Waukeenah, but since it was started in the 1970's Waukeenah Fertilizer has grown tremendously. We now have a 4200 square foot hardware store as well as a feed and seed warehouse twice that size. We carry just about anything that a farmer, large or small, needs to carry out his or her everyday work. Please come by or call and talk to us for any information you may need or want. If there is a hard to find item that has to do with farming in the southeast then check with us before you give up. We carry a large variety of livestock medicine, vaccines, chemicals, fertilizer, feed, seed, hunting and fishing supplies and much more that are listed on our products page. Thank you for stopping by the website and we hope to see you in the store someday.

Besides our fertilizer that we blend right here in Waukeenah, we also carry a large variety of other products.


We custom blend our fertilizer right here at our plant in Waukeenah, but we do have over 15 different analysis' in stock and ready to sell. Whether it is a 10 x 10 garden or a thousand acre corn field we will have the fertilizer that you need to make it grow.

Electric Fence

Fence chargers by Middle Georgia Products and Patriot are just the beginning of our electric fence section. We also carry Zareba/Red Snapper insulators, different kind of wire strainers, poly rope and poly tape. We have everything that you need to keep you pasture or other pen wired and shocking.

Deer Hunters Special

50lb Shelled Corn - $7.00  |  50lb Feed Soybeans - $16.00

4S Draw - $8.00 | Moultrie Tripod Feeders - $119.95

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